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Noise Complaints
We'll be monitoring noise today to make sure it's to legal guidelines. If you are local to the festival and wish to complain about the noise please ring the number below.

We won't be answering emails today so this is the quickest way to contact us.  07947 584559.

General Info & Queries 

If our FAQs don't answer your question,

please send us a message.

Getting into the Music Industry? 

If you'd like skills in production, event management, marketing, and much more, we'd love you to get in touch.


We'd especially encourage global majority women to apply as we want to properly represent Liverpool's population.

Become An Ambassador
Join the WIMIN movement!
Ambassadors are on a mission to make the music industry a more positive and supportive place,

where everyone has an equal chance to thrive. 
Business Partnership

You can partner with us whatever your budget.

You'll help provide much-needed performance and work opportunities for women in the music industry, whilst raising the profile of your company.

Contact us for our Partnership Pack or to discuss, by emailing

Apply to Perform
Would you like to perform at the festival?

The festival is for all genres. Join our amazing female-fronted lineup. We'd love to hear your music.


Over 80% of women say that they feel regularly unsafe in Liverpool's music events and workplaces.


Scrapyard Studios' Women In Music Survey 2022

Thalias Grace at the Lock and Quay

Join the community of WIMIN making a difference in the North West music scene.

Thanks for your support!

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